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  • After you search, a new window will show up with your "Results List."
  • You will notice you may have MANY MANY  results.
  • The left hand side of the page is entitled "Refine Results." Always click the arrow in the upper right of the box to see more.
  • Within the column entitled "Refine Results," you can narrow your results in a variety of ways:
  • Find books ONLY at Ritz Library by clicking "Catalog Only"
Circled Catalog only
  • Narrow results by clicking Academic Journals
Circled Academic Journals only
  • Narrow results by subject matter: click on the box that interests you
Sample subject list
  • Limit to a specific journal title under the heading "Publication"
Sample publication list


Sometimes, your first result when doing a general keyword search will be a link for a Research Starter.

A Research Starter  is an "authoritative summary article" on a particular topic, usually an encyclopedia article. As the name suggests, this is a great place to begin your research.

Sample results list for keyword search 

What is it? A "Discovery Layer" constitutes a single Google-like search box that allows searches to be conducted across many library resources at one time. The relevancy-based results that are returned can consist of books, journal and newspaper articles, e-books, movies, audio recordings, and more. You can further narrow the search via dates, material types, and subjects.

Why have one? In the past, to search for information on a particular topic using library resources, you had to search in different locations online. If you wanted articles, you searched e-journals or databases. If you wanted books, you searched the Library catalog. With a Discovery Layer, you search almost everything at once.

When to use it?  The best time to use the Discovery Layer search is when you are beginning a research project. You would like to cast a wide net across many of our resources to see what is available, what has been written on your topic. With time, you will want focus your research in a particular area of concern. At this point, you may want to search a particular subject-specific database to further probe the depths of your topic. If you would like to see different publication types at the same time, you may want to try the discovery layer. For example, if you were to search information about "To kill a mockingbird," by Harper Lee. You could enter the title in the Discovery Layer search box. You results will not include information about finding the book in the library, but also full-text book reviews and scholarly articles written about the book.

Limit Your Results

Keyword - use for searching a general topic (example: vampires)
Title - searches title of book or article (example: Interview with a Vampire)
Author - searches author name only (example: Anne Rice)

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