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Information Literacy Self-Paced Tutorials (Credo / PQRC)

Credo Core or PQRC?

Our library offers access to two different information literacy products: Credo Core and ProQuest Research Companion. Both of these self-paced, non-credit courses contain videos, interactive exercises, and tools to help you improve your understanding of how to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. 

Credo Core

Credo Core is a self-paced course in information literacy and critical thinking. Each module is made up of videos, tutorial exercises, and quizzes. You'll log in with your myDCC name and password. Need help? Have questions about using Credo Core? Ask a librarian!

Credo Core covers not only the basics of finding, evaluating, and using sources, but also includes modules on Visual and Quantitative Literacy, Critical Thinking and Logic, and Culture and Citizenship.

Video on The Research Process

ProQuest Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion (PQRC) was built to help students do more effective scholarly research. Creating an account is optional -- you may do so if you want to keep track of your progress and access pre- and post-video assessment questions.

PQRC is made up of three sections organized into the main principles of finding, evaluating, and using information. Across those sections you'll find a total of 10 modules that address questions like "Where do I start?" and "How do I evaluate sources?"

PQRC also features several interactive tools to help with the search process, including a Source Evaluation Aid, a Search Aid, a Topic Aid, and a Revision Aid.

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