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Citation Styles and Academic Integrity

Jump-start Your Citations

Use RitzDiscovery Search's "Citation" tool to jump-start your citations!

  1. Within the detailed item record, click on "Citation" 
  2. Scroll down to APA or MLA in the list of citation styles
  3. Click "Copy citation to clipboard"
  4. Change the font and formatting to match your paper
  5. Check for errors (formatting errors are the most common) by comparing against samples in Purdue OWL OR from materials supplied to you by your instructor. 

In addition, almost all of the individual library databases have convenient citation tools, usually on the top or right side of the page. The citation tool may look like any of these icons:

Citation tool icons from various databases



Even though there are citation tools available to you, you should still learn about the basics of how to cite sources: what are the elements in a citation; why is citation important; and how do citation practices support academic integrity and the scholarly conversation. Use the resources in this guide to learn more!

Why Citations Matter Tutorial

Free Citation Generators

More Help with Citations

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