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Library Instruction Sessions

Arrange for information literacy workshops and other library instruction for your students.

An Introduction to Ritz Library Services & Resources

Often students have not had much exposure to libraries and research prior to attending college.  The Introduction to Ritz library Resources surveys students on issues of how libraries make them feel (library anxiety), library research comfort (how do they perceive themselves with searching in library resources), and focuses on what the Ritz library offers for resources, services, library guides, RitzDiscovery, and individual databases.  At the end, students are asked to provide one takeaway from the session.  

This course covers all the fundamentals of using the Ritz Library. 

Smarter Internet Searching

We use the internet everyday, but is the information we locate really the best information we can find, especially if it is for research purposes?  This class discusses how to maximize using Google, how to connect a person's Google account to the Ritz Library, fact checkers that are available, and tools and techniques for evaluating information online.   

The Library, the Internet and You

This combination program introduces students to the Ritz Library and all the resources that are available to them as well as exploring methods for evaluating information on the internet. 

It also covers how to link a Google account to the Ritz Library through Google Scholar so DCC resources are available through a Google Scholar search. 

Jeopardy - Ritz Library Edition

Teams are formed based on attendance and students are asked to explore Library resources and the internet by playing Jeopardy. The game is moderated by the librarian and students buzz in with the answers (in the form of a question), and discussion about library resources and smarter internet searching occurs. 

Peer-to-Peer Activity

The Peer-to-Peer activity asks students to work together in small groups to explore different ways to obtain information online through the library website. One team is asked to use a relevant Ritz Research guide, another RitzDiscovery, our search engine, and the third is tasked with exploring a specific database, such as Opposing Viewpoints, for information.  The students are then asked to present to their peers.  The librarian moderates the discussion and fills in gaps as needed.  

This class can be used as a substitute for our Introduction to the Ritz Library Services & Resources presentation. 

APA Citations

This interactive workshop covers basic formatting rules for APA citations with tutorial exercises that engage the student during the workshop. 

MLA Citations

This interactive workshop covers basic formatting rules for MLA citations with tutorial exercises that engage the student during the workshop. 

Tour of the Library

A Tour of the Library is a 10-15 minute program that guides students through the Library, highlighting the three service desks and the resources and services the Ritz Library offers to students. 

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