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Smarter Internet Searching: Evaluating Websites

A guide for when you are using resources outside of the library databases

Evaluating Websites

When you are deciding whether or not to use a website, think critically and look for clues about credibility and authority. Also pay attention the information you get from the web address itself and refer to the chart below (Who Should You Trust?). If you are still unsure, review this guide on Evaluating Information.

Evaluating websites chart

Get to Know Domain Extensions

Who can you trust? Dot gov and dot edu are best bets for trustworthy domain extensions

The WHY Method of Evaluating Sources

The WHY Method of Evaluating Sources: who was the author; how was it edited, why was it published?

Understanding Misinformation

Trust It or Trash It?

Trust It or Trash It Evaluation Tool Link

Look for footer information like an about us section, contact info, sponsors, date and more