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How to Use RitzDiscovery

Searching RitzDiscovery

Type in keywords for titles, authors, or subjects instead of typing questions, and remember that some subjects have more than one approach. Select 'Advanced Search' to enable more precise searching. 

After you enter your search terms in the RitzDiscovery search box, choose from the following options that appear in the drop-down:

Everything- Start here to search all print and electronic materials provided by Ritz Library.

Online Access Materials - Use this search for articles and ebooks that can be accessed remotely.

Course Reserves - Locate items that your instructor has placed on reserve for your class. Search by instructor, course name, or book title.

SUNY Catalog - Can't find what you need in Ritz Library? Search for and request books from all SUNY libraries. 

Worldcat - On the rare occasion that no SUNY library has the item you want, you can search outside the SUNY system with Worldcat.

Refining Search Results

Options for refining results

The result list will be a combination of print (physical) books and electronic resources (such as eBooks, articles in electronic journals, streaming videos).

Use the filters along the left side to sort by relevance or by date, and to refine search results by availability, resource type, creation date, subject, language, author/creator, etc. 

Finding Newspaper Articles

Resource type contains a filter for newspaper searching After you perform a basic search, you can filter your results to include only newspaper articles by expanding "Resource Type" and clicking on "Newspaper Search" (at the bottom of the list). You may notice this changes a few things about your view: 

  • The search box near the top of the screen now says "Newspapers".
  • You can click on "Publication Title" to choose from a list of newspapers.
  • Results can still be sorted by relevance or by date; and you can still narrow down results using by date range, subject heading, or collection.
  • You can get back to searching other types of resources by clicking "Back to Library Search" just below the search box.

A basic search might include some newspaper articles in the results list, but you will have far better results, with more current articles and more controls, if you use this "Newspaper Search" feature.

Remembering Filters

Screen capture showing active filtersWhen you conduct a search in RitzDiscovery and select one or more filters, you can then click on “Remember all filters.” The filters will turn yellow and “Remember all filters” will turn gray. You can then modify your search string in the search bar and keep all of your filters. If you click “Reset filters,” all filters will be cleared.

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